Client: Silicon Labs


About: Logo design for the Research and Development department. The R&D team wanted something abstract that represented their role within the company – refining products and ideas from other departments and improving efficiency and cohesion.

Final Design

silicon labs central r&d logo design

silicon labs central r&d logo design


First-Round Ask

Previously, we’ve had a “logo” for our I&A organization. It’s these 3 circles, which represent Power, Isolation, and Broadcast.



For R&D, I think it should feel fairly similar. It doesn’t necessarily need to have the circle look, but maybe similar illustration style. R&D logo should capture that they are working on the latest, greatest, cutting-edge technology. The main goal here is just to give them an identity that can be characterized as something like a knowledge resource.

What I Produced:

Second Round Feedback

Unfortunately the R&D team didnt buy into the brain concept. They are worried about how that might be perceived. I suspect they don’t want it to appear like a brag about their intelligence.
A stakeholder suggested the following as an example, saying it symbolizes “circle of automation – cooperation – efficiency.” and that it would be great if we could add “innovation” to that circle as well.
Can you work with this concept? I think it might be good to see a version that spells out things below, maybe something like:
Central R&D
Automate, innovate, cooperate

What I Produced:

Third-Round Feedback

They like the motto and want to change the order to “Innovate – Automate – Collaborate.” I did create a rough design below and they prefer the black one. However, the small logo icon still isn’t there and would like the designer’s help with suggestions. Generally speaking, they want something that looks “sharper, less cute, and cutting edge” than the graphical icons in the last design.


What I Produced:

From me: “Here are a few ideas that I think convey forward motion, refinement/evolution, and bringing order to chaos.”

silicon labs central r&d design alternate
silicon labs central r&d logo design

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