Passion Project:

Come Together – a live music focused social network for Austin, Texas – was my master’s thesis project at the Academy of Art.

Although the project was completed several years ago in 2012, I’m including it here to demonstrate the intensive user research and testing I executed to develop the site.

Audience & Personas

Target Audience

The target audience for this site is comprised of Austin concert-goers and
musicians who want to get out to (or play) more shows and want to meet new
people. Target audience age is approximately 15-36 years old, although some
older people might also have an interest in the site.

Austin Statistics:

  • More concert venues per capita than any other U.S. city
  • Median age is 29.6 years (2009)

Primary Users:

  • Those who want to find local events to attend
  • People who need a friend for a particular show

Secondary Users:

  • Those who want to meet other concert-goers
  • Artists who want to promote their performances
  • Venues that want to promote their acts

Competitive Analysis

I performed a feature assessment of six competitor websites.

Competitive Analysis

This competitor matrix summarizes the most important findings from my analysis and demonstrates the value proposition for Come Together.

competitive matrix

Information Architecture

information architecture

User Flows

Task 1: Bill wants to find an electronica show happening this Saturday

1. Bill browses the upcoming shows on the SHOWS page. When he doesn’t find what he’s looking for he tries filtering the results
2. He filters by genre and date
3. He clicks on one of the results to view the MAP and SHOW DETAILS

task 1

Task 2: Jan wants to find someone to go to the Jimmie Gilmore show with

  1.  Jan goes to her DASHBOARD*
  2. She clicks on the Jimmie Gilmore show in her UPCOMING SHOWS block and is taken to the EVENT PAGE
  3. On the EVENT PAGE she searches the WHO’S GOING FORUM to see who else is looking for company
  4. She sends a private message to another girl who wants company for this show

*The Dashboard, which is customized by the user, can include any of the elements listed here under “Profile.”

Task 3: Derek wants to add a show to his upcoming shows list and then indicate he wants company for that show

1. Derek goes to the SHOWS page and does a search
2. He browses the results, and when he finds a show that appeals to
him he clicks the “ADD” button
3. He sees a CONFIRMATION that his show has been added and is
automatically redirected back to the SHOWS page
4. He clicks the “MY ACCOUNT” button to get to his PROFILE, and
finds the show in his UPCOMING SHOWS block
5. He clicks the “I WANT COMPANY” flag and a brief pop-up message
informs him that he has committed the change


wireframe iterations

Round 3






Visual Mockups

3rd Iteration Mockup Samples

Final Mockups

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