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Passion Project:

Created for Dribbble’s Product Design course


Improve the UI/UX of an existing application. I chose to redesign the blink security app from Amazon.

blink app home

The Problems

  1. Ambiguous, confusing icons
  2. Empty space / no default image for each camera or device
  3. Overlapping elements
  4. General lack of aesthetic appeal

Ideation / Development

Moodboard / Design Inspiration

I compared an array of security apps and pulled in designs from a few other apps that accomplished the look and feel I was interested in – something light, clean, and trustworthy.

blink moodboard

Paper Wireframes

I sketched out some ideas on paper before moving into Figma for the redesigns.

paper wireframe

Wireframes for Current App

I wireframed the primary pages of the app in Figma to get a distraction-free overview of the components that were in use and how they were arranged.

blink wireframes

High-Fidelity Mockups

Iteration 1

I liked the way the Ring app incorporated photos of each device in use and tried incorporating thumbnail images of the devices into my first round of mockups…except there were less like thumbnails and more like – eyelashes? Far too small to be useful for the user. So, those got removed for round two.

Some of my icons were also crammed pretty close together and so I spaced them out a bit more so there would be less chance of a user tapping the wrong button.

I also built out the list view of the home screen in the second round.

Blink Home 1

Iteration 2

Blink Home 2
Blink list view

Next Steps

I did not have the opportunity to work through more of the development process for this project, but the following is a brief plan for future development:

  1. Conduct basic user testing – ask users what they think each icon and element on the screen does, and how they would go about accomplishing some basic tasks.
  2. Revise home mockups
  3. Retest
  4. Build out additional screens
  5. Create interactive prototype and conduct more user testing

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